Coffee is one of my weaknesses, I love to drink it all times of the day. My favorite is iced coffee but I like frappuccinos, lattes, and just some regular black coffee with some creamer. It’s kinda funny because I use to hate coffee unless it was super sweet but over the years of drinking coffee I have came to like it with less and less cream and sugar. My favorite place to get coffee is coffee expressions and my favorite drink from there is iced expressions mocha.


Photo taken by student.


4 thoughts on “Coffee

  1. G’day Brooke,
    I also love coffee but try to limit myself to two cups a day. I go to my local shop each morning for breakfast and they make an exceptional coffee and is well known around the village.

    I liked your image but it tends to monopolise your post. You might like to make it smaller so it doesn’t overwhelm the post.


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