Christmas Time

It is officially Christmas time and I could not be happier! Christmas is one of my favorite holidays. I love listening to Christmas music and all the pretty lights. Putting up the Christmas tree and decorations are so much fun to me. This year we went to youngs, picked out our own Christmas tree and cut it down. It was a lot of fun! Shopping for other people around this time of year is also something else I really enjoy. And we can’t forget the true meaning of Christmas!! Going to places to see Christmas lights is so much fun to me, I love going to new places I have never been before. I have yet to go see lights this year but I am hoping to this weekend. It should be lots of fun!

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“Christmas Lights at the Lincon Park Zoo” by Andy is shared under a CC 2.0




Well, it is almost that time. The time of the school year we all dread. There is so much excitement for Christmas break but with that comes all the stress of exams. We have spent the last 18 weeks learning the material and now we are tested on it all. The truth comes out, did we really learn what we were supposed to and do we remember it. I spend hours studying the information I need to know for the exams. The week before exams there’s lots of coffee and studying with little sleep. I then try and not spend all of the break looking to see what I got, but its almost impossible. I hope this year’s exams go well. Good luck to everyone else taking exams!

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“Exam”  by Alberto G. is shared under a CC 2.0


On thanksgiving my mom and I wake up and got to Meijer to get some of their early deals. We then go home and begin cooking food and preparing for thanksgiving. During, this we take turns getting ready. We normally eat around 1 or 3pm and either my grandma or aunt host it at their house. Before, every meal we pray and then the oldest go first. After we finish eating we all look at the Black Friday ads’. We all put our name on a piece of paper fold it up and put it in a basket. We then take turns pulling one name out that person gives you some ideas of things they might want under $20. Then on Christmas day everyone has a present to open and no one had to spend a fortune. Happy Thanksgiving!!

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“Happy Thanksgiving Everyone” by Satya Murthy is shared under a CC 2.0