Black Friday

Black Friday is one of the craziest shopping days of the year. I have gone shopping every year, for several years. It is probably more fun watching other people than it is shopping. I liked it better when the stores actually open on Friday and not Thursday. I remember going home after having thanksgiving with the family, taking a nap then waking up to go shopping. Now you don’t even get to have Thanksgiving dinner before the stores open. This year I get to experience black Friday from the retail perspective. I am happy that the store I work at has decided to open early Friday morning like it should be. I am excited to experience it from the other side but also nervous because I know how people get. Maybe a blog post after it’s over!?

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“US-economy-Black Friday” by Diario Critico de Venezuela is shared under a CC 2.0


Cheerleading Part 2



This past weekend was our league competition, which is CBC. It was held at Tecumseh on Saturday. We had to be at KR at 7:50 am, that was awful getting up at 6:30 am to get ready! We had to be there so early bc we had an “open mat” time around 9. During that time we do whatever we want really, we can tumble, jump, or just run through the routine. We had some time before we went to the middle school warm-ups and then watched them perform and they did a really good job! We then had some more time before it was time for our warm up. The middle school came with us and warm-ups went okay but we had to do better if we wanted to win. It was time to go out on the mat and perform for 2 minutes and 30 seconds, it was time to show off all our hard work, sweat, and tears. For the most part, our performance was good, we had some mistakes but were still hopeful we won. AND WE  DID!!!!!! KR has won CBC’s for 4 years now. We beat the 2nd place team by 40 points!!!! For who don’t know that is a lottttt of points, it doesn’t happen often. So all the stress, pain, tears, and sweat was, of course, was all worth it. Till next comp.



The school’s cheer team has our first competition this weekend and we are not ready! This year new music rules came out, that they have never enforced before. You have to have a licensed DJ make your music which cost anywhere from $500-$2,000, crazy right? We tried building our own music and that didn’t go well so we paid a DJ to make it for us. We got our music 2 weeks before we competed which was scary but we knew we could do it. Today we found out our music is about 12 seconds too long, so we are now trying to shorten the routine, it’s a lot harder than it sounds. So now the stress is on to remember changes, hit what you’re supposed to throw and make it look good. This should be an interesting weekend!!!