ughhhhh this English paper is so hard!!!! I still don’t really understand what I’m supposed to be doing. I can’t find articles about my topic, I spent hours. I can’t wait for this paper to be over.



Well it’s officially that time of the year, everything is now pumpkin!!!! I love pumpkin flavored almost everything. My mom goes a little crazy with trying to find anything and everything she can that is flavored pumpkin. We have bagels, granola bars, chips, cereal, gum, candy, coffee, rolls, and pop tarts. Oh we can’t forget about my favorite pumpkin pie and pumpkin roll, hmmm so yummy. I can’t not wait to go to the pumpkin festival this week!!


Well homecoming is officially over and I’m kinda sad about it. It’s crazy to think I only have one more homecoming left. The place we went to dinner was really nice and had really good food. The music at the dance wasn’t very good but it was still fun. Getting dressed up and taking a lot of pictures with my friends is my favorite part.


A couple weeks ago a girl can to our school, her name is Ryan. She is really nice and pretty! She sits with me at lunch and went to the soccer game with me. I learned a couple days ago that her name is actually spelled Rian, who knew!