On a farm in the middle of nowhere, there are tons of horses. With the smell of manure and home cooked meals, these horses are all different sizes, colors, and breads. The newest addition is a foal that is only a few days old, with light brown with a white face and pink nose. Her mom is white with brown spots and is much larger than her. You can feel the happiness in the air between the foal and mother, the baby is loving on her mom with her head right under her mom’s belly. It is a hot summer day and they are wishing it would rain so the grass will grow and they will have more grass to eat. The moms maine is long it almost touches the dry ground. It is as pretty as the farmer. To see this image click this link.



High School Students

There is a stereotype at our suburban high school that we are all stuck up, rude, and everyone is a city person. I think most people think this because our school is in our own little town, were not really in the center of the city nor in the country. They also think this because a lot of people from inner city schools move here. I do not agree with this stereotype because I feel our school is very diverse. There are many different type of people that go here, we all have many different interest. Some people are athletic while others are in the band. The possibilities of what people are interested are endless.  I feel like I don’t exactly fit in with the stereotype of our school  because I am apart of 4-H and am not much of a city girl. I do not have much interest in fashion or makeup. I love being apart of 4-H and learning new things. Not only do I learn a lot of new things about animals but I also learn about a lot of every other things.